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Codesessive is a IT consultancy company which serves on recruitment and software development.

Our focus is remote software development and relocation job opportunities in recruitment services. We guarantee to boost the quality of your recruitment process and software development while reducing your costs.

Codesessive is a term coined in reference to code addicts. Be ready for codesessives...



Codesessive can design your recruitment processes from start to end. Codesessive are able to take care of all the fiction for you.

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If your candidate pool is shrinking, organizing a recruitment event will be the perfect solution.

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Your success is our success. Codesessive would like to help your company for right IT solution with fair price. 

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After the innovation of the World Wide Web, computer systems started to integrate with one another. Though this integration introduces lots of capabilities, it creates dependencies and makes the systems more complex. Numerous integration patterns were created and used to manage the integrations. The principles are defined like loosely coupling for handling integration dependencies. SOA and Microservices architectures were applied to enterprise systems.

The Continuous Integration Testing approach was used, with the results monitored by the tools used to increase the quality of the code and decrease the risk in integrations. However, these aren’t enough to solve problem. Preparation of test cases takes a lot of time and test cases should be renew after each system update. The Autonomous Continuous Integration Tester(ACIT) will attach your JVM and analyze your system. ACIT will detect your system update and will automatically prepare new test cases. Besides, ACIT monitors the integrations. If an integration is down, ACIT will warn contributors of the integration. ACIT is an R&D project and the project is in the analysis stage. Codesessive is planning to make first stable release in Q2 of 2020.




Codesessive advises on recruitment with respect to specialist and senior managerial positions. We determine criteria depending on the position, industry and company, and search our database to find the most appropriate candidates that match these select criteria. Our candidates go through two-stage interviews, during which their personalities are assessed, and further information is obtained on their work experience. Candidates are then assessed in terms of cultural harmony between them and the company. We conduct a detailed reference survey on the candidate who ticks all the boxes for all the processes and explain the process and results to our client.


Codesessive can design your recruitment processes from start to end. We are able to take care of all the fiction for you. Our objective is to facilitate our clients' recruitment process while focusing on their business needs and provide time and cost advantage to their organization. Codesessive identifies the appropriate skills for its clients and then performs the candidate evaluation process. As Codesessive, we can implement a specific recruitment solution for your business and take an approach that best suits your needs.


Codesessive has vast experience in organizing recruitment events such as cyber camps, data science camps, new graduates (i.e. less experienced candidates) recruitment project design and process execution services. Codesessive would like to assist your company with designing an end-to-end program to overcome your recruitment challenges. Recruitment events are one of the best ways to expand your shrinking candidate pool.


In the current age of digitalization, there is rarely a company that runs without a software application. From automating internal processes to improving customer experience, a software application -in one form or another- is a major reliance and driver of businesses, irrespective of the industry.

Hence, there is a constant call for software application development, and the surge in demand in relation to this is becoming a challenge for businesses and independent software vendors to handle. To cope with the increased need, software development outsourcing is proving to be a true savior.

Software development outsourcing provides cost efficiency for your company. Outsourced labor may cost 50 percent less than the same labor performed in-house with the advantage of the difference in exchange rates. Hiring a new team means adding overhead expenses. Office space, hardware/software resources, reimbursements, and other operational costs keep minimizing the ROI. With software development outsourcing, you need only pay for engineers’ skills.

Software development outsourcing can also help companies save time. When you outsource, you don’t have to spend time on recruiting, hiring, training, and housing employees for short-term projects. Additionally, software development takes less time when people are working on your applications around the clock, so you can get your product to market quicker than your competitors. Offshore development will improve work accuracy in terms of given deadlines on a project. Defined software will deliver accurate results in a shorter turnaround time.

Yet, companies need to be extremely cautious while using software development outsourcing services. Numerous companies have made wrong choices in terms of software outsourcing. This mistake led to high software prices, while costing their company dearly, including problems in terms of time, money, delays, glitches, security issues, among others. Codesessive would like to help your company find the right solution at a fair price. We consider ourselves as an extension of your internal team and therefore, your success is our success. Codesessive Technology offers two software development outsourcing models:

  • Team Augmentation: This is one of the most prominent outsourcing models to work around the technical skill crunch. Herein, a team of resourcers, who can add support to current development cycle, are hired . For example, hiring a developer with the experience on the specific tool or technology that’s required for a few projects only. Developers may work remotely to reduce overhead expenses.
  • Project Based Outsourcing: This outsourcing model is adopted by companies that want to have a dedicated team to accomplish a set of tasks or projects, with no or little disruption to their regular operations. In this outsourcing model, communication is very critical to achieving success. Codesessive commits to provide a local delivery manager for on-site support. The delivery manager will boost communication. Moreover, they understand your business and requirements delicately.


Hüseyin Kurt

A recruitment specialist, business development manager and entrepreneur, Hüseyin Kurt’s career spans more than 10 years of hardwork in top enterprise companies of Turkey, with a series of phenomenal achievements in his projects.

Serdar Kanbur

Imagine a man who always ready to fight to the end. Spent more than 8 years pursuing in IT sector with different positions. Serdar Kanbur is a problem solver and a taskman.